Beggars Bush: A Perambulation through the Disciplines of History, Geography, Archaeology, Literature, Philology, Natural History, Botany, Biography & Beggary

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“The memories that go to make up or construct the museum of the imagination possess the rather frightening ability to break out of their glass cases and run riot throughout the intellectual corridors”

George Barker

I’ve published this material on a website rather than in a book because this is not a linear story and because I hope the readers will be active. I’ve tried to make the content interesting and entertaining for the non-specialist reader, and provide guidance for anyone wanting to go further.

Be more than a passive reader

I hope you enjoy reading, but one of the joys of this research has been sharing with others. Many of you will know far more than me about a place or writer. Please post comments, corrections or contributions against posts or contact me at


All the Beggars Bush sites I have found are listed in the Gazetteer – more than 120 so far. This includes the location, county/country, OS map reference, and the date of the first record of the name. You can search the Gazetteer for any site that interests you.

I have also posted notes on sites with details of the sources and analysis. Initially I have posted notes of the sites that I think are important, but will aim to post on them all.

You can look at modern maps of the sites using the location or OS reference at:-

You can do the same with historical OS maps at:-

You can see photographs of what some of these locations look like now at:-


There is a Chronology of writers (and cartographers) who have used the phrase Beggars Bush which you can search. This includes the writer, the work and the date.

For each writer there is a page giving the use of the phrase, the work it was used in, analysis of the use, some material about writer, sources and further reading.

Posts have tags to link them to other related posts, which you can follow. You can search for all related posts by tag or by text string.


This section includes related material from other places, wider analysis and explanations of the relationship between sites, maps. It also includes other related material arising from this research – most presently seem dead ends but you may know more.


This is not an academic work so I have not given full references. Where possible I’ve given accessible sources for original works, and suggestions for further reading. If you know of better sources let me know.

I’m not attached to an academic institution so I don’t have access to EEBO, ECCO, JSTOR, or ATHENS. If you do you may have easier access to better editions than those I have given given as links.

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