Beggars Bush: A Perambulation through the Disciplines of History, Geography, Archaeology, Literature, Philology, Natural History, Botany, Biography & Beggary

Index of Writers

Date Author Work
1225 OED Earliest use of beggar
1225 OED Earliest use of bush
1506 Isabel Plumpton Correspondence (beggar-staff)
1564 William Bullein A Dialogue (beggers barne)
1576 Christopher Saxton Five Counties Map
1588 Martin Marprelate The Epistle
1589 Jane Anger Her Protection for Women
1591 Adam Foulweather A wonderfull . . .astrologicall prognostication
1592 Robert Greene Quip for an Upstart Couriter
1594 Anon Newes from Jack Begger under the Bushe
1597 H.C. Dialogue of Silvynne and Peregrynne
1598 Henry Porter The Two Angry Women of Abington
1608 Thomas Heywood The Rape of Lucrece
1609 Brian Twyne Correspondence
1615 Anon The Oath at Beggars Bush
1621 John Taylor The Praise Antiquity and Commodity of Beggary
1622 John Fletcher & Philip Massinger The Beggars Bush
1623 James Mabbe The Rogue: or the life of Guzman de Alfarache
1625 Ben Jonson The Staple Of News
1629 Anon London’s Ordinarie
1640 John Day Peregrinatio Scholastica
1651 Thomas Randolph Hey for Honesty
1653 Isaak Walton The Compleat Angler
1657 Matthew Wren Considerations upon Mr. Harrington’s Commonwealth
1658 James Harrington The Prerogative of Popular Government
1662 Francis Kirkman The Wits, or Sport for Sport
1677 Andrew Yarranton England’s Improvement by Sea and Land
1682 Sir Thomas Browne Christian Morals
1686 Anon Twelve Ingenious Characters
1688 John Cleveland Midsummer Moon
1694 William Winstanley Poor Robin’s Almanac
1713 Walter Jones ? Yellow Stockings
1829 Thomas Trotter The Beggar’s Bush
1834 W. T. Moncrieff Gipsy Jack
1884 Sara M Hardwich Plutus Adonis
1922 James Joyce Ulysses
1931 Sheila Kaye-Smith Susan Spray
1939 James Joyce Finnegan’s Wake
1940 W. H. Auden The Quest
1940 Victor Canning The Beggar’s Bush
1959 Anon Whiskey on a Sunday
1963 Georgette Heyer False Colours
2000 David King The Ol’ Beggars Bush
wes from Jack Begger under the Bushe

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