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Loxwood, West Sussex Beggars Bush 1724

This is a relatively late site in West Sussex where there are many early sites. It is one of several along what would have been the main road north to London, although the exact location is recorded variously.

The location Richard Budgen’s map of Sussex 1724, shows Beggars Bush against a house between Holmbushes and Loxwood House south of the road. Philip Overton and Thomas Bowles’s Map of Sussex shows Begers Bush at the same location. This would have been in the parish of Wisborough Green. Mawer, A. and Stenton, F.M. The Place-Names of Sussex, (1929) and Glover J. Sussex Place Names, both give this location as Kirdford, but this is wrong. The name on these maps is written against the boundary but clearly to the east. On Gardner & Greens’s Map (PM249) (1795) the name is shown north of the road

All the entries seem to refer to building(s) at the site now shown, from the 6” OS 1st Edition Sheet XII in (surveyed 1875) onwards as Lakers Lodge. That the site had both names appears to be confirmed by an entry which gives “Daker’s Lodge or Beggars Bush, 8 miles from Petworth, 9 from Horsham — cross road” in The Fox-Hunter’s Guide : containing the places of meeting of seventy of the principal hunts in England and Wales ; describing their locality, distance from the nearest towns, the railway stations available for each hunt, and a list of inns where proper accommodation can be had for hunters or race horses by “Cecil” (London, 1849. p.115).

John Ogilvy’s A General Itinerary of England and Wales (1804) p.590 lists Beggars Bush as being 1 miles from Loxwood on the route from Brightelmstone, via Steyning, and Wiston Park where there are also Beggars Bushes. Daniel Paterson’s A new and accurate description of all the direct and principal cross roads in England and Wales (1808) p.382 also lists Beggars Bush 1 mile south of Loxwood.

OS Grid



EPNS Sussex p.109
OS 1″ Old Series Sh.IX c.1888 (D&C Repr.  Sh.87)


John Pile, Richard Childs


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