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Urchfont, Wiltshire Beggars Bush Furlong 1768

The earliest record is a “Lease for 99 yrs., of land in the common fields, in Cossett field, in Hayfurlong; in Hayfield in a furlong between the Holloways, in Beggars Bush furlong; all in Urchfont”.

Andrews’ and Dury’s Maps of Wiltshire, 1773 and 1810, both shows Bags Bush near what is now Townsend between Urchfont and Foxley Corner, which appears to be in the same location as the allotments recorded in the nineteenth century. It is possible that this is an error or that Bags Bush was the original name.

Wiltshire Community History for Urchfont says “In the later 19th century some villagers leased small allotments between Urchfont Bottom and Foxley corner on either side of the Market Lavington Road. They included Main Heath, Hagg’s Lane, The Breach and Beggar’s Bush (behind the cemetery). Potatoes, carrots, and peas were grown for the Bristol and South Wales area. This practice had declined by the early 20th century and by 1903 the land was consolidated in the hands of a few tenants. In 1969 most of the allotments collectively formed Hale’s Farm.”

The area is shown at Geograph which shows the holloway that runs for more than a mile from just south of the Market Lavington road (B3098) in Urchfont, east past the Cemetery, across the road (U/C 7101) to the Chirton Parish boundary, about 300 yards west of The Grove.

There is also a Beggars Bush at Upavon.

OS Grid



Wilts RO, Wiltshire Deeds, Catalogue Ref.212B, ref. 212B/6806, date: 1768 Sept. 29

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