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Uley, Gloucestershire Beggers Bush 1723

Indenture dated 9 Sept., 1723, between Thomas Bayly, of Uley, gent, (1), and Michael Bayly, of Uley, gent, (father of Thomas Bayly) (2) of land in Uley, including 8 acres of arable land in the West field, in Uley, whereof 4 acres lye together below Seechmead, gives other locations and ends “and the other acre thereof, residue of said 8 acres, lieth in the said field at a place called Beggers Bush, next Mr. Basset’s tyning hedge”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sompting, West Sussex Beggars Bush 1772

The site is shown on a Map of Manor of Sompting Abbotts dated 1772 (WSRO Add Ms 2015) where later maps show buildings.

It survives as Beggars Bush Kennels and site of a car park on the Sompting Abbotts to Steyning Road near Steep Down. The Annington Beggars Bush is about two miles north east.

Many photographs are available on Geograph. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brian Twyne A Student’s Correspondence 1609

“Dr. Kinge deane of Christchurch, turned away one morninge fiue bakers and so many brewers of townesmen belongings to yt colledge, and hath priuiledged others and tuke them in their place, which if euery colledge should doe as I thinke we must, we should quickly bringe them to beggars bush.”


The correspondence between Brian Twyne while the latter was at Corpus Christi, Oxford from 1601 to 1612 and his father, Dr Thomas Twyne, a prosperous physician living in Lewes, Sussex, echoes the dialogue between students and parents through the ages. Much of it concerns Brian Twyne’s lack of funds and advancement, and his father’s unwillingness or inability to assist him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Annington, West Sussex Beggers busch 1528

A terrier dated 30 March 1528 of the manor of Annington in Botolphs, lists under  “Buttells Dene. The Furlonge called Quochman otherwyse Beggers busch to begyn at the north syde under Hendersch and soe to goe southe to beggers bush.” It is possible the name is older as the document states “this terror is a copie of an old Terror and wryten verbatim with that terror” (WSRO, Wiston Ms. 5163). It is recorded again in 1635 “…in Buttles Deane in the furlong call[e]d Quochmans furlong al[i]as Beggers Bush abutting upon the Land of Edward Hyde…”’(WSRO, EP1/25/3). I am not aware of any later records.

The precise location cannot be found but it is in the Adur valley, and could well be on the parish boundary between Botolphs and Coombes. The Beggars Bush at Sompting is about two miles to the south west, up Winding Bottom towards Steep Down.
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