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Wheatley, West Yorkshire Beggars Bush Close 1609

Referred to in 1609 in a Deed initially as “the long close near the way leading to Hatfield called the Beggars Bush Close or Hungerhill Close” and in 1615 as a “close of pasture in Wheatley or Doncaster (2a.) adjoining Wheatley Common and called Moreclose or Beggar Buske Close” and this name is used a reference point in two later deeds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Laverton & Lullington, Somerset Beggars Bush 1807

The Lullington/Laverton fields form one site, straddling the parish boundary, close to a crossroads. They are a few hundred yards from the Hemington site, and about 2 miles away from the Frome, Oldford/Berkley sites as the crow flies. Until the 1620’s there was a direct route through Orchardleigh parish, but that was blocked by the Champneys family, who emparked most of the parish, and the new road skirts the park and doubled that distance. Along the edge of the site the road is called Portway, a common name for a road between markets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hemington, Somerset Beggars Bush 1840

The Hemington site is a field a few hundred metres away from the Lullington/Laverton site along the line of Portway to the north. It is a lone exposed field, in the next valley, two fields away from the road. The parish boundary between Hemington and Laverton is a brook, not easy to cross.

The origin on the name in Hemington is clear from the names of the adjacent fields in the Tithe Survey, which tell of poor land; Read the rest of this entry »

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Phil Quinn Beggars Bush: A study of liminality and social exclusion

Phil Quinn takes a look at the ubiquitous place name of Beggars Bush and finds darkness at the edge of town

Quinn Beggars Bush 3rd Stone 1999
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As the purpose of this website is to put up for examination research into the place name Beggars Bush I felt I should include this article because it prompted my researches. Quinn’s hypothesis was that these were liminal sites on boundaries where begging or beggars were tolerated.

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