Beggars Bush: A Perambulation through the Disciplines of History, Geography, Archaeology, Literature, Philology, Natural History, Botany, Biography & Beggary

East Brent, Somerset Beggars Bush 1839

Phil Quinn says that this site adjoins that at South Brent, which he suggests may have allowed vagrants to avoid apprehension by law enforcement authorities by crossing the parish boundary.


Tithe Award, no.413 and no.414


Phil Quinn

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Phil Quinn Beggars Bush: A study of liminality and social exclusion

Phil Quinn takes a look at the ubiquitous place name of Beggars Bush and finds darkness at the edge of town

Quinn Beggars Bush 3rd Stone 1999
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As the purpose of this website is to put up for examination research into the place name Beggars Bush I felt I should include this article because it prompted my researches. Quinn’s hypothesis was that these were liminal sites on boundaries where begging or beggars were tolerated.

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Frome West Woodlands Somerset Beggars Bush 1605

A Perambulation of West Woodlands, 1605-1606 has Beggars Bush as a location on the boundary of West Woodlands. (SRO D.615, copy Frome Museum). The perambulation records going up the Broadway towards Cottles Oak, turning at White Cross “along the Way that leadeth Southwards towards Marston and so along the said Way unto Beggars Bush and then along the Way South cross the way that goeth over to Tytherington”.

Many of these locations are identifiable today; White Cross must be the junction of Broadway with Portland Road, so Beggars Bush must be somewhere along Portland Road, Dommetts Lane, Green Lane and Marston Lane, which form a continuous route across the headland of the West Field. The location was probably at Dommetts Lane.
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Frome Oldford & Berkley Somerset Beggers bushe 1635

The Frome Oldford and Berkley sites are either side of a crossroads at the top of Oldford Hill, on the margin of the north common field.

An Indenture dated 10th September 1635 of church lands leased to Richard Treasure, includes “. . . and also other three acres of the said ten acres doe lye in another feild of Frome Selwood aforesaid called the Northfeild that is to say one acre of the said three acres doth lye nere Beggers bushe the way leading to Bartley on the Northside thereof and the land of Sr Thomas Thynne knight in the tenure of William Johnsons on the Southside thereof  . . “.
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